The 4onemankind share depends on the support of our friends, colleagues, partners who contribute to the success of our idea, a globally connected collaboration. With your passion and shared know-how we can expand the platform and reach people who are dedicated to make a change.

For those of you who would like to support us financially, we are offering you the possibility to become our 4onemankind donation-shareholders. With the purchase of an ideational share, you contribute to the buildup and the functional advancement of Every 4onemankind-shareholder receives a vote.

In order to support new social projects, especially grass-roots organisations and Social Entrepreneurs, 4onemankind grants an award to the best project amongst the first 1000 projects that register on our platform since the launch on August 13, 2014. The choice of the best project is up to our shareholders who give their vote to their favourite project.

How do I become a 4onemankind social shareholder?

A 4onemankind-share costs 100EUR. These funds are used at 100% for the charitable 4onemankind Social Enterprise (gUG - registered as charity under german law). With every share you receive a vote registered in your name. With this vote you have a say in the selection of the best social project.

A shareholder cannot get more than 12 votes. Since this share is an ideational one, meaning a donation, there is no influence on the ownership of or the 4onemankind gUG. Donors who are mandated to the german finance office, can use the donation for tax reduction purposes.