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GSBS 2015 and: how do leadership 2.0., emotional intelligence and social entrepreneurship fit together?

GSBS 2015 and: how do leadership 2.0., emotional intelligence and social entrepreneurship fit together?

GSBS 2015: Creating a world without poverty and unemployment

It’s clear: the current system is unsustainable. We need a change. The 7th Global Social Business Summit 2015 (4-7 November in Berlin, Germany) is the event for changemakers, for networking and for acting.

The event is organized by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate  Muhammad Yunus and Hans Reitz. Entrepreneurs, Social Business-experts, representatives of the civil society, of governments and universities will participate on meetings, workshops and forums.

The GSBS is the right platform to get inspired. Together we can make a difference: “Creating a world without poverty and unemployment”. Let’s stimulate our creativity with new platforms for problem-solving.

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Leadership has changed

Where the boss of an enterprise was once a feared man that was not to be doubted, a new approach of leadership involves important soft skills like taking feedback, improving cooperation and processes, validating employees. These are all skills that require empathy. Emotional intelligence is the number one required skill for leadership.

Our world, our economy, and our societies are seeing a kind of change which is unknown to us so far. The speed of change, the impact of disruptive innovations occurring all over the planet have the potential to break open old structures and provide opportunities to a new way of thinking and behaving.

Entrepreneurs with their drive to innovate are on the verge of this development

The number one competence that marks successful entrepreneurs is the singular drive to achieve, to improve performance, to make whatever I’m working on better, faster, more impactful. The effect this could have on our planet is obvious – innovative project by social entrepreneurs are changing the surface of this world as you read this blogpost.

Successful Entrepreneurs are people who have very high internal standards. They know how good something should be and they hold themselves to it. Another sign of this is setting challenging goals. People who are innovative, have this ability. They have the ability of ‘conceptual thinking’, meaning pattern recognition, seeing what matters, being able to pick up what’s crucial, to make essential connections to identify the underlying problems and fix them, to recognize what will make a difference.

They analize, break problems down systematically, anticipate obstacles, see the implication with a complex system of making a change here, how it will ripple through and ramify over there, for example, drawing logical conclusions.

Some of these skills are purely cognitive abilities. Others are in the emotional intelligence domain.

Disruptive innovations in the social enterprise sector can be nurtured

... and accelerated by using methods that support an increase in empathy when interacting with other people. Being tuned into the 'mood' of your company can generate the positive climate innovation need to happen. In other words: What you give is what you get, when it comes to leadership.

Yes, it will take a while before this new Mindset is internalized by everyone working in Social innovation. However, there are tools to make it happen, the concept of working out loud being one of them. Collaboration and cooperation is the key – let's starting working with instead of against each other.

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