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GSBS2015: A Place to Change the World - Together!


The Global Social Business Summit 2015 was an event full of inspiration and new ideas. Once a year, Dr. Muhamad Yunus and his founding partner Hans Reitz gather social businesses and likeminded people in a different location, to work on pressing issues, exchange information and improve networks - all with the goal to adress the most important problems the world is facing.

Dr. Yunus is most famous for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, for founding the Grameen Bank and their efforts through microcredit to create economic and social development from below.

Social entrepreneurs from all over the world were present – even though Dr. Yunus was not able to attend due to a back injury.

Nevertheless, it was an open-hearted atmosphere, we were amazed about the positive energy this event had. 500 social entrepreneurs and other people stuffed into a room with the drive to change the world. Wow!

Global Social Business Summit 2015

Before participating at the Global Social Business Summit, a major question was puzzling Oliver from WorldBrain, part oft he extended 4onemankind family:

 „What kind of business ethic ist he right one to ensure a sustainable endeavour as well as lasting social impact?

The Global Social Business Summit was enlightening, since I got many answers to this question. The speech of Kate Robertson was equally inspiring. Starting with the words ‚We are all going to die!‘, she gave us a glimpse into her knowledge about how the current trend of carbon emission is going to change our planet drastically. Not only was I impressed about the sheer scale o fit, but it also gave me new motivation to push WorldBrain to its extend.“

For our 4onemankind Team, the event was equally enlightening. Isa, Founder of 4onemankind says:

I loved that one oft he speakers, Anita Nowak, made contact with our friend Bright from Nigeria during the GSBS2015 and followed up by adding him into the GROOC community. He recognized her from following her classes on coursera.

Another thing that stayed with me: After sharing words of appreciation with one oft the superhero organizers, the lady told me ‚you know, there is something special about your team. You guys are somehow different‘. So this made me proud of our team’s spirit and behaviour towards each other.“

Björn, our Online Marketing Specialist had a similarly positive experience at the GSBS2015:

„The science of empathy was very present at the Global Social Business Summit 2015 and I really enjoyed that. Tania Singer provided exciting insights into her research field and into a mental training developed by her and her team. We looked for ideas to put this training (meditation and other exercises) into a social business. In general it was a good combination of presentations and workshops at the GSBS.“

Global Social Business Summit 2015

 Find some more impressions of the GSBS2015 at the Grameen Creative Lab Newsroom!

See you next year in China!


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