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Social Pro Hub - IT Tools and Initiatives for Refugees

Social Pro Hub - IT Tools and Initiatives for Refugees

Developers and social hackers by Hackerstolz joined forces with social activists and entrepreneurs by The Grameen Creative Lab during last week's Refugee Action Tank to create one platform where all good IT tools and initiatives for refugees are stored. Refugee Camps and PRO ASYL responsibles can now provide refugees with one weblink to access all tools, be it job platforms by Workeer, open universities by Kiron University, arabic help hotlines by amal, airbnb for refugees by Flüchtlinge Willkommen and many more. 
For SocialEntrepreneurs you find tools like founderio, 4onemankind, ProjectTogether, WorldBrain - Verifying the Internet, ShoutOutLoud to help you get your social projects off the ground.

Please add more great tools that you know of!



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