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OECD Round Table on Local Responses on Refugee Crisis

OECD Round Table on Local Responses on Refugee Crisis

We were invited to the OECD Round Table on Local Responses on Refugee Crisis in Paris, organized by the OECD Leed programme in an effort to assist member countries in responding to the refugee crisis.

The discussions were based based on the examples of projects and programmes collected through a “Call for Initiatives” in the following fields:

• Strategic responses by local governments
• Integrated services/ one stop shops
• Housing and access to health services
• Labour market integration
• Education and training
• Business start-up support
• Raising awareness and public participation

We were invited to represent our initiative "SocialProHub", that collects IT Tools and initiatives for refugees.

Our most important take-aways from the OECD round table:

A long-term integration through work-first and education access is necessary to solve the refugee crisis. The exchange between policy-makers and NGOs as well as general society and refugees is stagnant - we need to find better ways to change this.


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