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Migration Hub Berlin

Migration Hub Berlin

Migration Hub Berlin: coworking-space for refugees

Berlin, Potsdamer Straße 144, a coworking-space for startups. No big deal in Germany’s capital city. But it differs from other coworking-places: it’s for refugee-projects. Migration Hub is the new project from the Startup Boat-founders. Let’s take a look at a fascinating project:

Startups for humanity

In 2015 did Paula Schwarz and her team a sailing tour to Samos (Greek). On board: 18 founders from Greek, South Africa and Germany. They thought about solutions for the so-called “refugee crisis” and how to tackle it as entrepreneurs. The result was the platform www.first-contact.org. Henrik Matthies, Katharina Dermühl, Tillmann Dietrich, Lisanne Raderschall and Paula Schwarz organize the Migration Hub in Berlin now.

Migration Hub: one single place for everything

The idea behind the Migration Hub is a syllogism: initiatives, projects and startups work together on one place to create synergies. All participants are supporters for refugees and immigrants. The hub is usable as workplace, for workshops, events or Hackathons and consists of maximal 30 workstations, one kitchen and meeting rooms. Mentors offer support. The Migration Hub is the perfect place for an efficient collaboration.

Paula Schwarz and her team are volunteers. Great job! New Migration Hubs and a nationwide cooperation are planned.

Become a member!

You want to support the Migration Hub? Or you have a project and want to use it? Check the FB-Page (https://www.facebook.com/migrationhubberlin/?fref=ts) or send an E-Mail (berlin@migrationhub.org).

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