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You don't see things as they are - you see them as you are

You don't see things as they are - you see them as you are

Can we create organizations free from political fights, bureaucracy, peer-competition, burnout, resignation at the bottom and ego-enhancement at the top? Can we find a way to turn work into something that feels productive, positive, energizing, purposeful, fun - where we can contribute the best of our talents and where we experience appreciation for what we do?


In any organization – NGOs and Social Businesses alike - a common statement is "people can't change"..or "we all have our egos and only work towards our personal benefit". "We blame others, critize and pass on rumours". Who can deny this truth? However, we also experienced special moments when working as a team was really rewarding. We had endless energy and enjoyed what we did. Human genius has no limits and radical innovation appears almost out of the blue. Who would bet that we are not able to create environments where these moments are not the exception but the norm?


We know from the psychology of human development that humans were able to develop from a real basic consciousness to a complex consciousness of our modern times. We also know that evolution happened in steps and every move towards a next level of consciousness changed how we as humans interacted which resulted also in new organizational models.


The big question: What can I do to get to this next level of awareness? If I can get an eye opener about myself and my limitations, then that's the first step to knowing what I can do to evolve. In medicine we try everything to get access to enhanced intelligence..to use just a bit more of our brain power. And we are willing to manipulate our human DNA to find ways of being better, faster thinkers, more creative, more impactful. Without an increase in awareness however, we might just develop towards perfect robots..not to humans who take joy in what they do and responsibility for themselves and others.

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