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Start: Definition of social entrepreneurship...?

Start: Definition of social entrepreneurship...?

There is no consistent definition of social entrepreneurship yet. Reasons enough for us to check the existing ideas in a new series of articles. Let's start:


According to Duden, “social“ means concerning the society, societal; charitable. From the perspective of social science, it signifies the tendency to act towards other people rather than yourself. In this context, altruism is very important: a selfless act towards other people. A lot of people think that altruism is the opposite of egoism, but that depends on the scientific or philosophic position: the two concepts also could be understood as belonging to each other (that altruism needs egoism).

Entrepreneurship means the establishment of a new company along with other elements: for example, the entrepreneur, conditions for the establishment, the form of organization, the availability of resources and the entrepreneurial opportunities. The founder is very important as she / he has to explore the entrepreneurial opportunities and to coordinate the resources in the best way. Also, other factors can be decisive, such as social and political conditions.

Social entrepreneurs have specific attributes like putting much effort on their work, a lot of ideas and a specific attitude. They found new companies, and they actively involved in them. Besides the profit orientation, other aspects are also important: social entrepreneurs orientate their actions towards other people / the society or community, charity and altruism.


This definition is very broad, and a general validity is not guaranteed. Other definitions assume that founding a new company does not necessarily make the person a social entrepreneur, it is possible to fulfill the definition while certain “social activities” in an existing company are involved.


In the next article you will read how the idea of altruism is different in the concepts of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.


See ya!

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