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The new green: Soap from the DNA Lab

The new green: Soap from the DNA Lab

Genetic modification and green products

We’ve been keeping an eye out for Gunter Pauli and his projects ever since we visited Summit in 2014. Just recently, another brand has been showing up more in German drugstore dm: Method.

Aligning perfectly with Gunter Paulis principle that the only way to get people to buy green ist o make it more attractive and affordable, Method comes in designy packaging that does not look ecological at all. However, packaging is 50 to 100% recycled plastic, it is vegan and all natural.

All in all, Method is in perfect sync with Ecover, the green Belgian company founded by Gunter Pauli that bought Method in 2012 after years of friendly talk between the two green giants.

So where’s the downside?

Consumers and green activists have been warning Method to label that they are using oil made from genetically modified algae. This oil is substituting classic palm oil, since the usage of palm oil is supporting unsustainable farming of palm poil as well as destroying local communities where it is harboured.

Technically, the oil is not genetically modified, as it only stems from genetically modified algae. Still consumers criticize that Method’s products should not be labeled „natural“, since it is misleading.

What do you think? Is genetically modifying DNA the new way to save the planet? Or are they trying too hard and underestimating the risks of genetic modification?


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