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4onemankind: Our values

4onemankind: Our values

The world as we see it

High complexity, constant change of environment at an increased speed. Strong digitalization, especially in new business as well as soc ent. New generation: Stronger collective intelligence. Old generation: Need for collaboration in order to solve todays problems.

What change do we want to make in the world?

Increase the problem-solving capability of people by creating awareness that todays issue cannot be solved by an individual anymore, but we need to start sharing our knowledge in a democratic way, co-creating solutions.

What do you believe has prevented this change to date?

With the increase of complexity, most people have started to try to decrease their complexity by cutting off conversation in exchange with others. Also, the possession of know-how is currently still guarded as the possession of an individual and not something that needs to be shared with others.

We can say as a summary, that the mindset of people which is limited to focusing only on the advancement of an individual has prevented us to find solutions fort he challenges we face at the moment.

What are you going to do to get there?

Starting to lead by example, generate cocreational collaboration through our online knowledge management platform. We realized that the technology alone does not engage people into a mindset in behaviour change, which is why we start to introduce social entrepreneurs to the idea of working out loud and make shared knowledge visible for everyone in the community and beyond.

What challenges or uncertainties do you expect to face?

We not only expect, but already experienced the challege of a large majority of people being at the mindset where they voluntarily and frequently share their knowledge with others. Networking only works in very small communities and groups, and knowledge transfers also happys only at a very limited speed. We face the uncertainty of not knowing wether we ever will be able to achieve the critical amount of users so that a knowledge management platform is becoming a living organism.

What part does openness play in your idea?

If you don’t communicate Goals and Intentions, others cannot reach out to share & cocreate networks.

Not only content wise, but system wise, we use openness in terms of using open source software, as well as the approach of working out loud, which by its founder John Stepper is also freely shared with anyone who sees the purpose and benefits for society by behaving in a different way whenit comes to sharing information. We tremendously depend on people of having the same mindset of democratizing knowledge. 

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