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Learning To Change

Learning To Change

I can’t talk about change when I don’t change myself

Life is a great teacher and everything in life can teach me something if I am willing to listen and reflect. In the past months I asked myself, “what is life trying to teach me” with regards to my personal life [being mindful about family, friends, personal development], my passion [advancing social change through 4onemankind], and my work life [leadership mindset and behaviour change]? I found out, the more I can bring all elements to become one, the more impactful I can be.  

The experiences I make every day show me how to love and respect myself and others, how to share and contribute, the consequences of letting stress rule my world, not meeting my needs aka ego-issues etc. If I am willing to practise who I aspire to be - getting out of my comfort zone, face my dragons and develop towards my own vision, I can become who I have the potential to be - my true self.

On my way I experienced setbacks and a series of failures. I’m thankful for these experiences. They helped me to develop and change. The question always was and still is ‘how willing am I to pay the price to succeed at whatever I am doing and how willing am I to learn whatever life is teaching me from my adventures?’

Life is full of uncertainties. To deal with the unpredictabilities of life, I have to learn to adjust my mindset, my beliefs, my habits. I need to stop from time to time and think about what I am doing, if it still fits to the vision and the purpose I defined for myself. I need to ask myself if I still have my destination in focus. When things don’t work the way I had hoped, I need to find new ways of pursuing my vision.

I found out that the secret to being able to change my way of looking at things and find new solutions, is to commit time to myself, to workout, to reading, to practising new skills, to go on adventures and finally, to understanding. I had to tell myself to not assign the most precious gift any human has to duties, tasks, people, habits that are outside my circle of relevance when it comes to living my purpose. And I needed to be disciplined. Change is not easy, especially if you don’t train to stay on focus.

I am committing to changing myself and learn what life teaches me as quick as I can - I have one life to live.

Isabell Mohr - Social Entrepreneur - Working Out Loud Enthusiast - Change Maker

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