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Learning To Change: 4onemankind setting out to new shores

Learning To Change: 4onemankind setting out to new shores

4onemankind setting out to new shores

Do you know that the best ideas in life are made up of ingredients you already have at hand? You just need to combine them to the most irresistible creation you are able to envision.

Looking back to where we started with 4onemankind as a human rights movement, then developing into a solid knowledge-management platform, our team has come quite a long way - all the time without external funding, only steered by our own passion and vision. Looking at where we are now, I believe we are able to make a much larger impact if we stop focusing on content and system alone. We urgently need to factor in the people and relationship aspect of change. We need to meet Social Entrepreneurs and Change Makers - You - where you are.

To be able to see this, I took the learnings from change leadership trainings I could participate in through work (checkout the sources of dynamicresults.com and beingfirst.com) and from pursuing personal development through Emotional Intelligence training (checkout marshallgoldsmith.com and  coursera.org). Then about a year ago I met an inspiring person (checkout John Stepper), who has a similar strong vision when it comes to changing the habits of people. With his concept called “Working out loud”, he truly focuses on people and relationships.  

Provided with the experience, getting new skills and making time for reflection and focus, our team has the following plan to get to the sustainable creation I mentioned at the beginning of this blogpost.

Ingredients to combine:

  •     Experience in figuring out how social change works
  •     Connection to social entrepreneurs and change-makers
  •     The 4onemankind core-team with its shared vision and set of values
  •     Make change visible and narrate your work (which is what we'll do together)

Our 4onemankind vision - maximise impact for social change
How to get there and what we will change

People need to develop a trusting relationship to effectively start sharing relevant information and help each other increase impact.

These relationships are formed through “Working out loud circles” which we will initiate.

With this new level of trust within a group of people, sharing of information can then take place on our knowledge-management platform 4onemankind.org or through any other channel.

Are you interested in being part of this movement?

Join our facebook group 4onemankind-friends for Working out loud circle dates for Social Entrepreneurs and Change Makers or follow us on Twitter for details.

Isabell Mohr - Social Entrepreneur - Working Out Loud Enthusiast - Change Maker

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