Who can contribute:


(Corporate) Social Responsibility experts of companies, communities & chambers of trade

On 4onemankind you find easy-to-use support for your CSR initiatives: Set up your organisation's profile and easily involve employees, partners and customers to support social projects as well as charities, foundations, NGOs and social enterprises. Projects easily take off when the right partners with relevant know-how connect via instant match-making based on the organisation's skills and offers matched with the needs of registered causes.

Projects, charities, foundations, NGOs, social enterprises

4onemankind is an online meeting place for all who want to realise socially responsible and charitable projects with the help of the right support network. Whether it is developing fair and sustainable products, educating people, saving natural resources, working on peace and conflict management, health training or any other social cause. Here we support social projects, charities, foundations, NGOs and social enterprises with shared Know-How, time, experience and funds - for maximum transparency and efficiency. We support all projects and organisations with a worldwide support network and target long-term sustainability. 

Initiatives for do-gooders and changemakers (individuals, universities, schools, other groups)

You would like to contribute to a cause, drive change, fund what matters to you? Here you automatically find which project or cause fits to your interests, skills and experience. If want to set up a profile for an own social project (e.g. from your Social Entrepreneurship study program or your volunteering initiative), use the platform for easy updates of what you work on and share with your peers and friends to get them involved as well.

Networking for public institutions, government organisations and private sector

It is all about supporting aid and development projects, environmental, educational and start-up initiatives. For public institutions and cooperations between governmental organisations and the private sector on development programs, it is essential to keep track of initiated and supported projects. On 4onemankind you can exchange relevant data files, create awareness for the projects and causes you support and find co-working organzations to maximize the impact of your efforts.