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Learning To Change: 4onemankind setting out to new shores

Learning To Change: 4onemankind setting out to new shores

Do you know that the best ideas in life are made up of ingredients you already have at hand - you just need to combine them to the most irresistible creation you are able to envision.

Learning To Change

Learning To Change

Life is full of uncertainties. To deal with the unpredictabilities of life, I have to learn to adjust my mindset, my beliefs, my habits. I need to stop from time to time and think about what I am doing, if it still fits to the vision and the purpose I defined for myself.

Social Entrepreneurship: 3 People to Follow on Twitter

Social Entrepreneurship: 3 People to Follow on Twitter

People who share their knowledge and skills online are part of the online revolution that makes information accessible to everyone, and deserve endless praise for what they do. Wether you just started your social business or you've been in it for a while, make sure to check out these people and gain knowledge in the process.

4onemankind: Our values

4onemankind: Our values

The world as we see it? High complexity, constant change of environment at an increased speed. Strong digitalization, especially in new business as well as soc ent. New generation: Stronger collective intelligence. Old generation: Need for collaboration in order to solve todays problems. What change do we want to make...

The new green: Soap from the DNA Lab

The new green: Soap from the DNA Lab

Genetic modification and green products We’ve been keeping an eye out for Gunter Pauli and his projects ever since we visited Summit in 2014. Just recently, another brand has been showing up more in German drugstore dm: Method. Aligning perfectly with Gunter Paulis Grundsatz that the only way to get...

Start: Definition of social entrepreneurship...?

Start: Definition of social entrepreneurship...?

There is no consistent definition of social entrepreneurship yet. According to Duden, “social“ means concerning the society, societal; charitable. From the perspective of social science, it signifies the tendency to act towards other people rather than yourself – a very general definition. In this context, altruism is very important: a...

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come

  It's not through technology that we will achieve breakthrough - but by taking the next step in (organizational/ behavioral) evolution In my last blog "Seeing is not believing: Believing is seeing", I promised to share what evolutional level most of today’s organizations are at and what it takes to get to the...

You don't see things as they are - you see them as you are

You don't see things as they are - you see them as you are

Can we create organizations free from political fights, bureaucracy, peer-competition, burnout, resignation at the bottom and ego-enhancement at the top? Can we find a way to turn work into something that feels productive, positive, energizing, purposeful, fun - where we can contribute the best of our talents and where we experience appreciation for what we do?

Google Impact Challenge

Google Impact Challenge

Social-Entrepreneurs-Journey4Impact hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, Punkt 17 der „Globalen Ziele 2030“ des Bundesministeriums für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung zu leben: „Partnerschaften, um [die anderen Ziele] zu erreichen“. Das Projekt unterstützt Menschen auf dem Weg von einer Idee bis zur Sozialunternehmung. Dafür bietet es IT-Tools und Apps auf einer Plattform...

Migration Hub Berlin

Migration Hub Berlin

Migration Hub Berlin: coworking-space for refugees Berlin, Potsdamer Straße 144, a coworking-space for startups. No big deal in Germany’s capital city. But it differs from other coworking-places: it’s for refugee-projects. Migration Hub is the new project from the Startup Boat-founders. Let’s take a look at a fascinating project: Startups for...
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