How to start?

(Short overview, for people with little time) 


Very easy:

1 - Sign Up    

2 - Create your profile    

3 - As volunteers, representatives of foundations, companies, public institutions: Add your skills and know-how  

4 - As NGO, Social Entrepreneur, representative of foundations: Add your needs 


For volunteers: NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs will be able to contact you if they need the skills which you'd like to share

For NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs: volunteers, foundations, organisations will be able to contact you if they have the skills you need.

What makes us different from donation platforms or consulting programs? On you can connect with each other, exchange your experience, forward contacts and information, invite each other to meetings, upload and share documents and much more.


7 Things to know about us

(Detailed info, for people with more time to read)  


Why did we develop this platform?

After many years of working with social projects and organisations we learned that we can only change things positively and sustainably if we

- know the context of a problem

- know the support needs of social initiatives

- connect individuals, organisations and initiatives woldwid

- engage and commit to support a project in addition to financial support or donations in kind

- share our knowledge directly with others

- work jointly on projects and not in competition to each other



How do we achieve this?

1. Finding the right contacts - Social Matchmaking

4onemanknd is a meeting place for change makers worldwide: for those amongst you who manage and drive social projects as well as the supporters and backers of projects.

- For project managers: according to the support requirements listed in your profile, 4onemankind matches you automatically with contact proposals such as experts from the corporate world, university- and school initiatives, communities, NGOs, foundations, trusts, GOs and initiatives who can help you with advice and support.

- For supporters: Your skills and interests get matched with social projects, social startups, green, sustainable, world changing initiatives which need your support in order to start, grow, create impact.


2. Be sure to know your help creates impact - Network of Trust

You know the problem: There are various organisations claiming to support a good cause. Which of these really make an impact? You should have the possibility to know whom you support and be able to ask questions.

On 4onemankind you can directly connect and exchange with people who run and manage social projects, as well as with the network surrounding them. Only official representatives of organisations are entitled to set up respective page profiles.


3. Simply efficient - Everything you need at one place

Too many information channels? Who can still decide between the many fund raising, crowd funding, volunteering, expert-, employee- and student networking platforms. 

We want you to have a simple and efficient tool to work with, covering funding, volunteering, matchmaking and collaboration. A worldwide network of change makers can use status updates, network messaging, file management to organise their projects.


4. More than just donations - Know-How means change

How many fundraisers do we hear about? Where do we have a chance to personally contribute? The projects on 4onemankind indicate what kind of support they need in terms of know-how, collaboration, donations-in-kind. In addition you can also financially support a project.


5. Open and accessible - Collective learning

Social and impactful initiatives should not only depend on local support. We want to connect the world beyond borders of organisations or countries. We want to multiply and speed-up green-energy projects, water conservation and filtration, human rights initiatives, innovative learning systems. This way organisations from various countries can support a joint development project and save ressources.

No matter where in the world you are, you can create your own project with or without official charitable tax status or participate in a cause you care about.


6. Security - Responsible handling of your data

In order to make sure that all monetary transactions on 4onemankind are secure, we only partner with certified payment service providers, accredited and supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

We also care for user and content security. If a page or project contains prohibited content (that is, content that violates our terms&conditions) or if someone is using your intellectual property without your permission, please notify us by using the notification button.


7. Donations - Tips and tricks 

4onemankind gUG is an organisation with charitable tax status and allowed to accept donations. All donations to 4onemankind will go into development of further functionalities of the platform as well as selected social projects and causes.

Make donations cost efficient

Donations to charitable organisations in Germany with respective tax status can be used to lower your taxes.

- Donations up to 200EUR can be made tax relevant by providing a copy of the bank account transfer info

- Donations exceeding 200EUR require a donation receipt by the receiving organisation

For donations to projects abroad, please refer to local tax regulations.

We collect the regular credit card or bank transfer fee (0% - app. 3%). Bank transfers are usually cheaper than credit card transfers.


Fair and sustainable

In addition to the 0-3% bank fees we collect as well a 3% service fee which covers some of the fixed cost of the bank transfers which we cannot allocate to the projects, such as the monthly fee for the payment system. More details are found in our Terms of Use. Further, 4onemankind needs to manage regular updates and maintenance of the platform. With this 3% fee we are below market average for donation platforms and we manage to have such a fair service fee by keeping our administration lean and efficient.

This way the funds transfer on 4onemankind with a minimum set of fees supports maximum impact for social projects.