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Press release - (13.08.2014)


Global Community, local support: with the Launch of on August 13, a unique and worldwide online community with shapers as well as supporters of socially responsible projects is born.


4onemankind, a social enterprise (gemeinnützige UG) runs the online-platform, connecting social and charitable projects and giving them what they need the most: supporters with  know-how, time and engagement. They come from different backgrounds and work in companies, communities, universities or youth initiatives, foundations, charities, NGOs, GOs and Think Tanks. What unites them is this joint online working platform.

Where is 4onemankind's twist? What makes us different from donation platforms, crowdfunding or consulting initiatives as well as enterprise 2.0 solutions for individual organisations is that we focus on connected learning, sharing of know-how and saving resources. An open and self-determined collaboration of project leaders and supporters who actively shape and advance social projects.

Projects worldwide can benefit from 4onemankind's automatic match-making function of needs (material, know-how, funding) with supporters. This way, innovative ideas can be realized and improved much faster.

We believe that we can only create sustainable impact if we provide a transparent exchange of know-how beyond organisational boundaries as well as a long-term support of the individual projects.

Every new person or organization that registers, contributes to an ever increasing impact for all.


Let us share - Everybody has something which is helpful for someone else


As an initial step we plan to address the following users [August - October]:

  • We involve student initiatives such as Enactus, AIESEC, Program Engagement with Perspective (PEP), Social Entrepreneurship Academy etc. as close feedback providers with the goal to connect their social projects with employees of partner companies and NGOs.
  • We invite foundations to experience how their projects can be managed more efficiently and effective with the exchange of information on 4onemankind.
  • Over a 1000 charitable organisations, who need help for their project work, will receive more funding support and expansion of their network by using 4onemankind.
  • Corporates which collaborate in CSR networks, learn how they can manage social projects between their employees and their partner NGOs in a simple and transparent way.
  • Through information in magazines such as CSR Europe, CSR News, Enorm Magazine, Econsense, Enter Magazine we invite people who want to or already are challenging the status quo to join in and become change-makers.


An ecosystem for sustainability


Through 4onemankind we want to build an ecosystem of experts, supporters, project managers and change makers who jointly work on creating an impact for projects like environmental protection, education, food, medicine, international relations, integration etc. which is more sustainable than by working within organisational structures only.

As initial boost for the first projects that register on the platform we will ask our shareholders to vote on the best project which will receive a donation. More information is available on or